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In China, For China, Marsh has won the 2021 Ringier Technology Innovation Award.

The 2021 Ringier Technology Innovation Award ceremony has ended successfully on 28 September 2021, with Marsh winning the Ringier Food & Beverage Technology Innovation Award for inventing the first digital hot stamp coder.

What is the Ringier Technology Innovation Award?

“Ringier Technology Innovation Award ceremony is hosted by Ringier Industry Sourcing, the leading industrial media. It has been a success since 2006. Its fair and objective process in selecting the winners has attracted worldwide attention and has become the most professional and influential industrial award ceremony in the manufacturing field. The award will be rewarded annually to innovative companies with outstanding products and technologies which made significant contributions to the industry.”

Food and Beverage Packaging Technology: The group photo of the winning companies.

The award-winning product this year is the Marsh 241D digital hot stamp coder. The incorporation of the advanced thermal transfer into the conventional hot stamp coder reflects the innovation of the Marsh 241D coder. Manufacturing companies that use the traditional hot stamp coders can easily upgrade their coders without increasing their business costs. The innovative selling points: no need for brass type print blocks and characters, allows user to print current time and date and solves issues like bad print quality, punctured packaging, long warm-up time, typographical errors, etc. The Marsh 241D coder is designed for the digital age – the simplicity, practicality and innovation of the self-sufficient coder enable customers to save cost and minimise the hassle customers have to go through.

The representative of Marsh delivering the award-acceptance speech.

The birth of Marsh went through a process from China to the United Kingdom and back to China (Read《码可迪诞生记》) . It was designed especially for the Chinese market and manufactured in China. Marsh is dedicated to promoting digital technology in China and providing the Chinese food and beverage industry a new printing option: an advanced, cost-effective solution, allowing various small and medium-sized enterprises to benefit from the innovative technology.